ProFamilia Coaching


For whom, why and how


For whom

This path can help you if you

  • are an individual, a parent, a child, a teacher, a business, a boss.
  • feel powerless in front of a repeating situation.
  • have dissatisfactions, relational or professional conflicts.
  • have conflicts, secrets or unwanted situations in your family.
  • do not know how to be and act in front of your children or in any situation.
  • live fear, phobias, anxiety or anguish.
  • are going through a difficult phase.
  • are lacking creativity and do not have the impression of living your life.
  • cannot attain your objectives.
  • feel like pleasure and passion are forbidden.
  • etc.


If your intention is to

  • explore your inner world.
  • clarify where you are with your objective and yourself.
  • be accompanied in discovering your needs and resistances.
  • discover the impact of your family dynamic on your personal and professional life.
  • find why your relation or business is not what you want it to be.
  • be helped because you do not know where to look for solutions anymore.
  • be stronger in your personal or professional relationship.
  • better manage your anger and aggressivity (violence).
  • take action.
  • take power over your life
  • go through the necessary steps to change.
  • etc.


  • with individual or group consultation, according to your preference.
  • with support and help considered of short duration (3 to 15 session).
  • with a non-directive approach based on the relation.
  • with a new vision of your family dynamic.
  • by unraveling the conscious or unconscious “footprints” of your family system.
  • with exercises of feeling and imagery.
  • in person or through Skype (for a personal objective).
  • if need be, by guiding you to a more appropriate help in your case.