ProFamilia Coaching



ProFamilia Coaching’s mission is  to teach, inform and accompany individuals, parents, teachers, human resources and social workers to turn  the relation to yourself and to the family system in their personal and professional search for resources and solutions.

“Prevention and long term planning have three things in common: security, health and prosperity for a large majority”


The speed of change and evolution asks us to make giant leaps forward. Every day we can observe this reality in the news, documentaries and elsewhere.

Solutions exist but it will always be our responsibility to use and apply them to what will bring about this change and be a precursor to the future.

It will always be our own capacity to turn to our interior world and to change what it is that inhibits these changes from being made. Isn’t our exterior world in the image of our interior one?

This is where we are. It is now easier to stop and turn to our interior. The “real things” appear more and more in the concrete. Peace, justice and mutual aid will occupy a growing and important place in the life of individuals, both in the family and social portrait.

I aspire to see each person profit from the knowledge and support necessary to create a relation to their interior world and at the same time, discover the importance and amplitude of the relation to their ancestors and the benefits that come with it.

“The peace in this world will never be stable until a majority of us have attempted inner peace to stabilize it.” ― Peace Pilgrim