ProFamilia Coaching


A professional support by the relation

For yourself

The help relationship via ProFamilia Coaching is an approach that emphasises first the relation between the client and the therapist. Thus, the trust that is established between the two is primordial to the journey the person begins. The quality of the therapeutic relationship is important to the transformation, because most wounds come from relational deficiencies in the past or present. It is the essential element and is necessary to the process of change.

This process allows awareness, comprehension and greets positively what is happening inside us in problematic situations. Deficiencies, wounds, psychological operations, defense mechanisms and unsatisfied needs are updated. Moreover, with listening and observations of the therapist during sessions the person acquires a new vision of their self, a recognition of their own needs and a capacity to take their place in relationships.

The person then returns home with a greater conscience of what inhabits them as well as a better capacity to express at the right moment their needs and their limits in different situations of their reality.

For your family

Do you know the dynamic of your family clan?

The history of the last three or four generations, before yours, can have a large impact on who you are and your vision of life. The place you occupy and the perception that you have of your family dynamic is of utmost importance.

We all have a family story that has stuck with us. One that has largely contributed to what we are now. Unfortunately we don’t always succeed in removing the footprints that are left but perhaps not needed anymore. The mechanisms we have developed to survive and keep a certain balance in the clan when we were young often harms our current stat when they are not necessary anymore.

Be it for individual or group session, coaching or conferences, ProFamilia Coaching offers you the possibility to work with your family dynamic according to research, findings and the different formations of Bert Hellinger on the family constellations and psychogenealogy. Dozens of books have been written on the subject. It was a revelation to me. His discoveries on the mechanisms and rules of the family system offer the possibility to alleviate our dissatisfactions (relationships, work, creativity, pleasure, etc.) but mainly, the discoveries give us the means and solutions to transform them.

Family dynamic workshops

The workshops of Alain Droulers treating of the family dynamic are done in groups of 5 to 20 people. Through different exercises and techniques, you will be able to “visit” what inhabits you regarding your family dynamic and how it molded you.

The possibility to contact your inner feelings and go in your interior self is done in a context of free expression and respect of your rhythm. Thus you will be able to observe, feel and take action to allow free circulation inside you with support and love from those who preceded you in your clan. To retake your true place and feel recognized and linked to your family clan is a great anti-stress remedy. The interior combats, especially unconscious ones, fade away and leave peace.

For your creative potential


We all have a great capacity to create. It is not reserved to those we tend to describe as artists. Each of us is an artist. Every day we create our day through our activities, a business, a revenue, professional and social relationships, hobbies, etc.

This compulsion to create is intrinsic. It is a natural function and it is ours. We are its guardian and its keeper.

When we can’t create what we want it is because a resistance has settled in our system. Our creative potential is not free to exist. It is our responsibility to decide whether we want to give free reign to our creativity.

It is through the relations that you link to yourself and your family system that you become able to contact your full creative potential and attain your objectives and personal and professional achievements that you aim for. You have the possibility to participate in your autocreation. You can create inside yourself, your own soil, fertile for all creation. This is what could happen if you take care of yourself while paying special attention to your ancestors.


In the same order of ideas, a business also has its own creative potential.

Unlike a family system, a business disposes of its own system with its own rules. It also possesses different elements that compose it and that contributed to its creation.

Does my business create as much as I want it to?

  • Products and services
  • Rentability
  • A sane and pleasant work environment for all
  • Why does a sector of my business pull behind the rest?
  • Are there one or more difficulties or patterns that repeat themselves?
  • Why are certain jobs harder to fill?
  • etc.

It is possible to act on this organization system the same way we can on a family system. When you have different elements interacting together, a dynamic is visible and this is where we can act.