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  • Alain Droulers

    Alain Droulers

    Father of three sons, Alain is a nature and life enthusiast. He is a born explorer, constantly looking for what is linked to life, nature and human psychology. He loves discovering and never tires of learning. He had the privilege of growing and living part of his life in the countryside, inside the world of agriculture and organic agriculture.

    His passion for psychology and the human potential pushed him during the ‘90s towards personal growth, along with training based on “The Relation” at the Centre de Relation d’Aide de Montréal. His curiosity and his thirst for knowledge pushed him to explore this infinite universe that is our interior world.

    In the ‘00s he discovered different approaches that center around the family dynamic and its systemic workings. It was the missing link for a more complete therapeutic approach for him.

    His personality, openness, and listening skills allowed him to develop a good experience of the world of feelings and a capacity to use them in a constructive goal.

    His experience and his knowledge will help you create the rich soil needed for the changes you want to undertake.

  • ProFamilia Coaching

    It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I participate in the creation of ProFamilia Coaching. The circumstances of my life have allowed me to discover the inner workings of the family system and its impacts on all sectors of the life of a person; relations, work, creativity, prosperity, success, etc.

    My research, experiences and my journey of the last decades have helped me discover the human potential, its psychology, its emotional and affective world, its undeniable links to its ancestors and its creative potential. For ProFamilia Coaching, “The Relation” in a non-directive approach with the last three or four generations as a background will always remain fundamental to guiding you to your objectives, no matter what they are.

    ProFamilia Coaching does not aim to transform your everyday habits but would rather, through the relation to yourself, your family and your creative potential, help you move out of your interior space the things that prevent you from feeling at home and using your full potential.

    With ProFamilia Coaching, it is an invitation to take the time to be with yourself and look at where exactly are the dissatisfactions of your personal life, your family or even your business. Which difficulties repeat themselves, which prevent you from attaining your objectives, your dreams or your passions.

    “Man, like the tree, cannot extend his foliage larger than he has roots to hold him up.”  unknown

  • Bert Hellinger

    Considered to be one of the most respected psychotherapist in the world today. Bert Hellinger has revolutionized the heart and souls of family therapy by bringing to light the unconscious and the loyalties that are found in our families and are sometimes destructive.. While psychology concentrates on exploring conflicts during the childhood the works of Hellinger examine the tragedies of the family history.

    Hellinger has observed that traumatizing events like premature deaths of parents, children or other family members, the interrupted movement towards the mother, an abandonment, a crime or a suicide can exert a powerful force affecting future generations.

    Sometimes linked, even stuck, with tragedies and suffering from the past, the members of a family repeat patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, fear, chronic diseases and unsatisfying relationships. It is a common theme: sad mother, sad daughter. Drunk father, drunk son. The relational difficulties of the parents are reflected by their children.

    Bert Hellinger developed the therapeutic work called Family Constellations. The name comes from the german word “Familienaufstellungen”.

    Today the approaches that explore the family dynamic are very popular.They attract attention and interest because they allow us to go back up the family structure to bring to light the causes of the many types of difficulties we encounter in our lives. The family dynamic through constellations is not to be taken lightly. It has become one of the fastest growing forms of therapy in the world.

    It is practised in over forty countries.